Uttam Deal Third Floor, E-7, Sector 3, Noida


Q. Is Uttam Deal is an investment company?

Ans. - Uttam Deal is not an ‘Investment Company’, we are the new age icons for the ecommerce industry. We are a foremost organization, engaged in Trading and Distributing of certified natural precious Stones and semi precious gemstones, birthstone, gemstone beads, custom made gemstone jewellery in precious stones. We also deals in Bio Magnetic Product, Teleshopping Products, Ayurvedic Products, artificial jewellery, Home & kitchen Appliances, Electronic & electrical Appliances, Apparels, Health & Beauty Care Products and others.

In addition to this, we also offer Gifts, Jewellery, Toys and Mobile Phone & various other items like astro products, holiday package, Web traffic, PPC campaign etc. free of cost to promote our sales.


Q. What Product/Services Uttam Deal offers?

Ans. - We offer web traffic, PPC campaign, Manmade Diamond Silver ring, Astro Reports as Uttam Jeevan, pure precious and semi precious certified gemstones, high quality herbal healthcare products, original Bio Magnetic products, Holiday Packages and many more products which are sold on Teleshopping.


Q. What is the legality of Uttam Deal?

Ans. - Uttam Deal is a firm registered under U.P. VAT
TIN No. 09465723986
TAN No. MRTU02298C


Q. What is the Validity of packages in Uttam Deal?

Ans. - The validity of any package is 1 Year from the date of activation.


Q. How many package users can purchase on 1 PAN card?

Ans. - Any number of packages can be purchased on 1 pan card


Q. How user can take package if he/she don’t have PAN card?

Ans. - New User can take package without PAN card & he/she can apply PAN card later. Once he/she has
PAN card ready then update PAN in “My Profile” & upload KYC against PAN card. User must have to submit PAN Card as KYC within 30 days otherwise all income and commissions will be washed out.


Q. Can I keep same mobile number / email address for packages bought by my blood relatives?

Ans. - User can keep same mobile number / email id for packages purchased only for blood relation users.


Q8. In how much days my KYC will get approved?

Ans. - 2-3 days after uploading KYC related document. Document must be visible clearly & format will be .jpeg file & size will be less than 2 MB. In case
KYC will be rejected then user will get message on registered mobile number with specific reason. Also it will take again 2-3 days to approve your
KYC after re-loading.


Q. When can I get my daily task?

Ans. - User can get daily task same day after activating package & successful submission of KYC, Campaign and filling full profile including PAN No. and banking information. User will get this work Monday to Friday except
National Holidays.


Q. How much time it will take to get my task payment in account?

Ans. - The payment of today’s submitted task will be given in your bank account day after tomorrow on daily bases.


Q. Can I get daily task if I don’t have PAN number?

Ans. - No you cannot get daily task if you don't have PAN number.


Q. Can I do my missed daily task? If yes then how?

Ans. - Yes, User can do only 1 day missed task on Saturday, Sunday & National Holiday. For this, user has to go to My Task option & have to click on Work History and there by user can do 1 day task first missed first bases.


Q. How I can get payout for my past work which I had done but forgot to submit?

Ans. - User has to submit task after clicking otherwise it will show in pending task.


Q. How can I do Renewal of package?

Ans. - After the expiry of package one can renew the same by purchasing the available packages at that time. After the renewal, the network position will remain the same.


Q. What is Booster? How can I avail it?

Ans. - Booster is used to double your daily task, to activate your booster Match amount of your package in your first level directly left and right group in any denomination within 20 days from your package purchase date.


Q. How can I upgrade my package?

Ans. - Upgradation of Package can be done after 1 month of activation. Only 2nd Month is given for upgradation of package. User just has to pay difference amount and on the next day onwards he/she will get difference links.


Q. How much time is required for activation of my package?

Ans. - Activation process depends upon the banking, so it will usually take 2-3 working days to activate any package. Proper details to be filled by the user in their ‘Activate Now’ section.
Payment Mode - Demand Draft - Same day activation
Payment Mode - NEFT - 2-3 Days for activation
Payment Mode - IMPS - 2-3 Days for activation


Q. Is there any age limit for purchase of package?

Ans. - Yes, user must be 18 years old to purchase any packages. Maximum Age is 65.


Q. Is it mandatory that user must have FB id/FB page/Blog/Website/Twitter account?

Ans. - Yes, User must have FB account/page or website (individual or corporate) or Blog for promotion and advertisement. He/she has to promote it under ‘Manage Campaign’ section.


Q. What are the task rates?

Ans. - Daily Task Rates currently is 5Rs per click. Daily Task rates vary from time to time and depend on market competition & availability of work with company. Daily Task Rates can change with/without prior information on website because it depends on market competition.


Q. When will I be paid for my task?

Ans. - The payment of today’s submitted task will be given in your bank account day after tomorrow on daily bases.


Q. What are the Administration Charges?

Ans. - We deduct an admin charge of 5% on both task income and all types of commissions so your final income will be 5% lesser.


Q. How much TDS Amount is deducted from my income?

Ans. - we deduct TDS 5% on commissions and 10% on daily task and provide you form 16A quarterly.


Q. What are eligibility criteria to get Matching commission?

Ans. - To get Matching commission, user must have to sponsor 2 packages in their left and right group directly.


Q. What are Rewards?

Ans. - Different Rewards are announced from time to time to promote sales in organization. Frequency of rewards can be Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly. Kindly check the website for updated information. Terms and conditions are always applicable with rewards.


Q. How can I get my Reward?

Ans. - Rewards can be dispatched to the winner’s location/correspondence address, after a declaration given to company by him through mail. He/she has to pay the freight charges if any.
Rewards can also be collected from office after producing a copy of valid ID proof.


Q. How can I change my seller business ownership?

Ans. - seller business ownership can be changed by producing a proper format on a 100 Rs Stamp Paper, notarized and duly signed by both transferor and transferee, along with processing fees of 1000 Rs plus service tax in office.


Q. How can I refund or cancel my package?

Ans. - If you are not satisfied with the package you can send a mail at refund@uttamdeal.in in 10 days from the date of activation. Refund amount will be transferred in 15 working days after the request. After cancellation, user will not be able to register again with Uttam Deal or purchase any package till next 6 months. Refund amount will be total amount of purchase (including the daily task payment, if any).


Q. What are the KYC documents that I have to submit?

Ans. - One can submit any of the below mentioned documents: