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Manmade Diamond

Why manmade Diamond?

Since the dawn of man, Diamonds have been prized for their amazing beauty and rarity. It is precisely that rarity that makes them so valuable. Unlike mass-produced commodities, diamonds are not always affordable in the size, quantity or quality, admirers might desire.

Diamond prices are largely controlled by the DeBeers diamond cartel, and they are not a fair reflection of diamond scarcity. Additionally, studies show that one out of three diamonds sold in the US today has been altered to artificially increase its value. Further studies have shown that on average a couple pays 40% too much for their diamond engagement ring.

For hundreds of years science has tried to create a perfect synthetic diamond. Finally, 21st-century technology has made that prospect a reality.

Synthetic or manmade diamonds offer many advantages over the mined variety. You can buy with confidence, knowing that you are getting exactly what you paid for, and have not been the victim of diamond pricing chicanery. If you are concerned with the world around you, you can have a clear conscience, knowing that your money has not contributed to the support of an unethical and abusive industry.

There are many reasons to purchase synthetic or manmade diamonds instead of the mined variety.

The price of mined diamonds is very huge hence every one can't afford to buy.
You have to trust on certificates which does not certify the quality of the Diamond hence may end up with paying much higher price.
You can get artificial Diamond as Mined Diamonds cannot be checked by a common man hence you can be cheated too.
Synthetic or manmade diamonds are very cheap in comparison to mined one hence you can not be cheated as you are paying right price.
Synthetic or manmade diamonds are more beautiful hence nobody can judge it from naked eyes.
Synthetic or manmade diamond rings provide more prestige by its looks hence best option to buy.