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Mini Uttam Jeevan

Mini Uttam Jeevan is 3 in 1 report package which are as follows.
  • →»   Lal Kitab astrology calculations, predictions & remedies for 10 years Which are as follows:

    Lal Kitab Charts & Calculations
    1. Avkhada
    2. Planetary Degree and Position
    3. House Position
    4. Birth Chart, Lal Kitab Chart, Moon Chart, Moon Lal Kitab
    5. Friendship table and Graha/Rashi phal
    6. Lal Kitab Dasha/Antardasha
    7. Various Lal Kitab Horoscopes with conclusion
    8. Debts of previous birth as per Lal Kitab
    9. Lal Kitab Varsh Charts for 10 years

    Lal Kitab Predictions
    1. Lal Kitab Planetary Predictions
    2. Lal Kitab Varsh Chart Predictions for 10 years

    Lal Kitab Remedies
    1. Remedies for all planets as per Lal Kitab
    2. Remedies for Lal Kitab Debts
    3. Remedies for Lal Kitab Varsha Chart for 10 years. (Special remedies to be used in the beginning of the year to make the year more auspicious)

  • →»   Rudraksha report with remedies which include:

    Special 3 page rudraksha report on favourable rudraksha, wearing influence and importance for a particular native.

  • →»   Gemology report according to Dasha which include:

    Numerological Calculations
    1. Prescription of lucky stone, effective stone and life stone.
    2. Which stone shall prove how much favourable percentage according to dasha.
    3. Exclusive Detailed report for effect whether good or bad of all 9 gemstones according to dasha.
    4. The method of wearing stone.
    5. Recommendations of Mantras along with the articles of donation for propitiating planets.